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Exercise or what we call physical exercise is the movement of muscle groups in a rhythm with the intention of keeping them in shape and active for use. Wikipedia defines physical exercise as any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

I personally see exercise as a way to keep your body in a working mood and to function well when there is any need for use. Before I speak about the thousand reasons why everyone needs to exercise either big or small, I want to highlight some basic facts about physical exercise.

1. Any activity that raises your heart rate above rest level
2. Such activity above must be up to 10 consecutive minutes
3. Either of the two
4. I normally use the fourth and that is, such activity must be intentional.

It is evidently clear that what we “claim” to be exercise most of the time could become a waste of time and effort. Now I need you to get me right too, minutes could add up in a day but with my years in this fitness business I realized that the physical exercise that will make a clear difference on your body system must be intentional and follow the rules above.

You say this, “I don’t have 10 minutes to workout in day” (no one ever says that and means it anyway), assuming this is your stand, as long as you aren’t hospitalized where the only thing you are allowed to do is lie down, then you have a lot to do.

First instance, an office worker can set a timer to walk around the premises of the office every hour. Climb the stairs whenever you need to discuss with a colleague instead of using the phone or mail or chat.

Second instance, a housewife can do groceries herself. Learn to run your errands. Take a brisk walk while going for groceries and stroll back home with your load in hand. And when you have to drive down, park your car at a reasonable distance and walk the rest.

Third instance, do your cleaning yourself. I burn 100 calories (1 slice of bread and a half) by mopping my whole house for 25 minutes, that is when I don’t add squats and other resistance while cleaning.

Fourth instance, watching that favorite tv series could be a time for exercise. Walk in place as you enjoy the show, or you can stand to jog in place whenever there’s a commercial break.

What I am driving at is your ability to sneak some intentional fitness minutes into your day which add up and when you eat healthy, your body thank you for it.

1. Aerobic Exercise
2. Anaerobic Exercise (strength/resistance training)
3. Flexibility Training or Stretching

Aerobic exercise according to Wikipedia is any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and causes the body to use more oxygen than it would while resting. This is to increase the cardiovascular endurance and that is why we refer to this type of e exercise as cardio. Examples we have are running, brisk walking, jump rope, jump jacks and every other continuous training.
Anaerobic exercise involves the use of some resistance and assistance which causes contractions of the muscles. It is a strength induced training (my favorite). This form of exercise tones, firms muscle and improve bone strength, I also discovered that it is anti-aging. Examples are, push-ups, lunges, biceps curls using Dumbbells, interval training i.e. A short burst of cardio and lowered heart rate doing strength training at intervals.
Flexibility Training are exercises that stretches and lengthen muscles. It improves the range of motion and can reduce the chance of injury. In one word, any muscle that you don’t stretch will be stiff and can easily snap.

The info graphic below tells us everything exercise does to us. I hope you find just one reason why you should start now.

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