In a literal term red is first a color and for all it could connote, could be fire, danger or love depending on the mood of a user.

Red today means Rest, Exercise and Diet
These 3 when done well and consistently helps us stay strong and healthy for a long time.

Rest is being devoid of trouble or work. A time you rest is when you cease from all works either physically or in your subconscious, God rested on the seventh day after creation tells us the importance of rest. It is a time to connect it’s yourself, it is ME time, the time that is solely yours and what or whoever you wish to share it with. It is a time to do nothing that raises your thinking or your blood pressure.

Now the deal is this, how we rest differs because just like every other rule that guides how we live, there is no one-size-fits-all method of resting. When I tell you I am resting, I am actually surfing the internet and scouting for information on anything that’d interest me at the time. DH finds this same activity strenuous and work, in his words he would rather watch a movie. I also asked a colleague who said he rests by chatting with friends (that is work for me though). The secret to knowing your own mode of resting is actually RESTING (lol). If you have never had a ME time, how do you know what relaxes you. There is a lot to do really but this post is trying to make rest a part of that lot you need to do.

– We rest so we don’t overwork the body, the mind and your spirit.
– We rest to be refreshed for further work and better work.
– We rest to be re-energized to tackle other commitments. Reasons why some people are no more creative or innovative is because their brains are already clogged because they lacked rest.
– We rest to connect with ourselves and others that needs our attention.
I want to explain more on the last point because it’s the weakness of many in this part of the world. Many don’t know who they really are and so it is easy to live for others at the expense of our comfort.
Someone did ask us at a seminar sometimes ago, what our individual identity is and over 500 women could not make 5 complete sentences identify who we are, we only know what we want to be, which normally turns out to be someone else’s life (tough love, right).

– Rest periods affords us time to come down like God in the cool of the evening to reminiscent on visions, goals and give Himself to connect with family – Adam and Eve.

I will not analyze how you can or should rest, try to find out who you are and what is peculiar to you. Rest will do you a great good, you can start with these basic steps.

1. Start saying NO to some responsibilities. Yes, I said that. Especially such that someone or others can do well and even better if given a chance. The fear of being sidelined always creep into us at such times but if I may ask, who has being a superhuman helped?
2. Go on a vacation or a staycation. It is not culture as it is in the western world where adequate preparations are made for yearly vacations. You may not even plan large, you could go to a friend’s over the weekend, take a 2-3 weeks leave off work and just do something for yourself. Parents can leave kids with a caregiver and have a getaway.
3. Go to bed early. Adults need between 7-8 hours sleep, if it’s possible nightly, then thrice a week won’t be a bad idea. Remember too that lack of enough sleep is associated with weight gain.
4. Plan towards your rest period like you plan/schedule appointments and you will find your body and mind crave for it always.

How do you rest? Share in one word.


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