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I have been considering a lot lately about what I am going to do to just get myself into that weight loss mood and still be happy, comfortable and relaxed.

I read through a post in Runs for Cookies about how she lost most of her weight by eating the food she loved, no single restriction, no dieting and she is still losing weight and staying healthy for the past 6 years meaning she has lost over 100 pounds through calorie counting and exercise.

I am not a food junkie but it looks like I have tried every diet plan I know and it either get me scared like low carbs (keto) or get me uncomfortable.

The past few months had seen me just being natural, I mean checking through my normal way of eating when I am not thinking of weight loss or healthy living. I came up with 10 facts about myself.

Facts About My Eating Habits

  1. I love the taste of well prepared food and I will love a repeat, lol.
  2. I can contain hunger for 6 full hours without losing concentration.
  3. Reproductive hormones affect my feeding habits.
  4. I could go 36 hours without food but with water.
  5. Good, long and sound sleep keeps my hunger and eating habits in check.
  6. I get jittery immediately I get home from work in the evening, always looking for something to nibble on.
  7. Late dinners i.e. anything after 8p.m. makes me gain weight irrespective of the class of food eaten.
  8. I can control unsolicited eating with a little distraction like taking a walk or get busy in the office.
  9. I prefer water over any other existing drink.
  10. I have carb cravings when my hormones are wacky at some times of the month and those moments are filled with uncontrolled eating.
  11. I get bored easily

Some of the above facts are problems that need solution and this will help me lose weight and keep it off forever.

What’s Your Style?

DH kept reiterating on a phrase, but over the years I thought it was pride or fear of taking risk until recently. He says and I quote “be very wary of that thing that everyone is doing”, it could be a new idea, a new fashion, a new man in town, a trendy business etc. He kept saying he had seen people rush back and forth with trends and they get disappointed eventually. Of course we have all had our fair share no matter how careful we are.

What is my view on this? Nothing wrong in being trendy but please make sure it is for you. Simply put, you are different from every other person – always remember this. Try to know who you are and what you want, so that when that wave comes you will know either to move with it or stay behind and watch on.

There are different fad diets out there waiting to capture you and probably break your heart because there is no diet that lasts till forever, you need to know this before giving any diet a shot.

For some categories of people it is not just exercising but hard exercise, consistently done for a long time that keeps their weight off and for such, the magic is on as long as they go on doing those exercises.

Over the years, I had studied myself and know that a major tool for my weight loss is exercise, when and if I am able to exercise for 250+ minutes in a week, I lose 2 pounds (you know what that means in a year (52*2=104), of course I can’t lose 104lbs because the body system doesn’t work that way and I am also sure I cannot get in (250*52 =13,000) 13,000 minutes in a year, life gets in the way, but I can push myself to do enough that will get me to my goal weight and stay there. And if I am determined enough (we are devoid of that most times), baby steps can take me there.

I will like that you get in touch with yourself and know what your body is like and get to know what gets it triggered to lose weight and what doesn’t. It might be helpful to note that recently a research is carried out and our blood groups have been identified to play a significant role in the type of diet to adopt. I now understand why low carbs won’t go well with my body system because my blood type thrives on veggies, I am wired to be a VEGAN? This lifestyle is becoming rather interesting now.

Try to know facts about yourself, be truthful with yourself and get the ball rolling towards a healthy lifestyle. Always remember that the best exercise or diet is the one that works for you, it’s YOUR STYLE.


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