My Ketogenic Experience

Good morning readers. Another long while before another post and today I have no single excuse other than the fact that I just did not bring myself to writing anything despite my promise.

I feel so strongly that the urge to move from Blogger  to a new site is a major hindrance and might be promoting the loss of motivation to write anything. I am repented of my misbehavior now that I am here.

I had wanted to tell you about my views on Ketogenic Diet which I told you were triggered by a host the last time I traveled. Well I was made up by the time I returned home and I started by having a shopping list that helped me kick start the diet journey.

First Day

First day was all veggies and eggs. I had okra soup + fish, fried eggs in coconut oil and a splash of mayonnaise (keto compliant)

Second Day

I woke up the second day to cramps in my legs and a whole lot of body weakness, (mind you I was not exercising at all) it was a weekend so I had less to do. By the time it was evening, the weakness had aggravated and the fogginess in my brain was not explainable. I had to cook for DH so at that point I realized that walking around help subside the cramps to a barest minimum.

As advised on the sites promoting ketogenic diets in Nigeria, I decided to add a little more salt to my food to relieve the ‘keto flu’ symptoms (it did not work for me, maybe another time). Need to mention that by the second day, sound sleep has eluded me at night. I stayed awake most time of the night and even when I claim to asleep, it’s so shallow I can hear my silent breathing while sleeping.

Third Day

It was a Sunday and I woke with a palpitation of the heart. I was actually hearing my own heart beats and it was so loud and in my throat (I did not like that at all). I felt light and empty, I told DH and he insisted I must take some apples before church that morning. I obeyed and took one small sized apple. I stood to teach in our Sunday school class and all of a sudden the heartbeats started fluctuating, and then a bang in my chest and then heat from the inside. Ironically it was a cold morning and so some of the women in the class realized something was wrong. I asked to sit and continued the teaching, after the class DH quickly took me out and got a bottle of Fanta for me (lol). He made sure I did not only drink the soda but ate some other “abominables” (now that was not just funny but scary).

I started to research on ketogenic diet and other low carbs and I realized this is different for all of us. I love the diet and I will keep trying till I can fully adopt it (if I want to).

That is my experience and I will love to say that I have my resolutions on this. I will discuss that in the next post.

I am plateauing between 75 – 76 kg on the scale but my clothes are loose and I feel really good in my skin right now (my heart desire). I can make do with some pounds off though, so I am working on exercising more.



This is the new site and I feel very large here, trust me it is a major leap and a great milestone for me. We can flex and expand here, I really hope you enjoy us more and I know we can do this together. If you don’t come here reading why would I write, your comments and contributions is highly welcomed and it motivates me to do better. If there is no YOU then there would never be a us. I appreciate you and I hope we learn more from ourselves as we soar higher from here.

Visit here a few times in a week and let us know what you feel about what we do here.



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