Happy New Year FitMercy Family

Good morning friends, I love to welcome you to my world. As a way of introduction again, this is FitMercy and we are a family that believes in a Fit Life. It is a journey through life and that is why we love to make this a marathon and not a sprint. We love fitness, healthy food choices and if we lose weight it’s a bonus for us. Weight loss is secondary because we believe when we are fit on every level of life, our lives are automatically trimmed including our bodies.

This blog covers a wide range of issues bothering on having a complete and total YOU.

We start today with some highlights of 2017 and how FitMercy intends to be a blessing to your life this year. Needful to say that you are worth the effort and your healthy self means the world to me.

2017 was a lot of struggle on this platform because personally I was at the verge of giving up on this healthy lifestyle. The struggle was real because it looked like nothing was working for me any longer, I tried diverse “diets”, changed methods and even took some desperate measures just not to be fit but to lose weight. But towards the end of the year, it became more obvious to me that I am being carried away by trends. I know my goals had always being to be fit on every level of life and if I lose weight in the process, I count that as a bonus. So 2017 had that much struggle because it seemed I was losing focus and oblivious of my mission on this fitness journey.


Consistency is a pathway to success, when you keep at any correct cause, there must be results. I get bored easily and the reason behind my constant struggle with consistency. I am doing everything to improve my level of consistency this year, giving up had never benefitted anyone great or small. In fact legends are known for their consistent attitude to life and the stubbornness to never giving up on what they believe in.

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is future, today and now is what we have got to make the change we so desire.

Watch our for my goals in 2018, and that I want to tagg fitsolutions.

Keep on keeping on

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